Veteran Home Care

If you are a wartime veteran, spouse, or surviving spouse, you may be eligible for home care benefits paid for by the Veterans Administration!  If you live in Sandy Utah or any other surrounding city, we strongly urge you to consider looking into these benefits of having in home care services, provided for a loved one that fits into this category.  We have the experience and know how with helping Veterans and the surviving spouse take full advantage of a program designed specifically for those that have served our nation.  Let Resolute Home Care help you get all the home care benefits the Veterans Administration can offer.


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We are a proud provider of Veterans Home Care services throughout Sandy Utah and surrounding cities. Our relationship with both local and national veteran’s programs allows us to provide a wide range of home care services. The services are paid for by the Veterans Administration.  Our goal is to help veterans, and their spouses, receive the home care that they are eligible for, and to give them the help and care they deserve.  Some veterans and their loved ones are unaware of these types of home care services.  We are here to show you just what you are entitled too. 

We know that applying for these benefits is difficult.  We partner with Veterans Care Coordination to help minimize the stress and get you access to this great home care benefit.  Please also keep in mind that there is no cost to you.  Veterans Care Coordination can even provide home care services while the VA is processing the application.  This great benefit can provide between 46 and 86 hours of home care per month depending on your specific circumstances.  Please contact us now for a free consultation and to see what types of home care services you can receive.  


Resolute Home Care is owned by a veteran, Erik served six years in the US Air Force.  Erik and Kimberlee both grew up in military families. Erik’s father was twenty years Navy and Kimberlee’s father 20 years Air Force plus another 18 years working for the Air Force as a civilian.  Erik and Kimberlee helped Kimberlee’s mom receive the Surviving Spouse benefit using Veterans Care Coordination.  Having worked with Veterans Care Coordination on both the personal-side as well as the provider-side, we have been impressed with their service and commitment to each veteran, couple or surviving spouse they have served.  With Veterans Care Coordination we have been able to provide home care to people in Sandy Utah and all surrounding areas.  Please contact us today to see if you qualify for Veterans home care services.