Senior Home Care

This happens to be one of the most commonly provided home care services in the U.S today.  This is why Resolute Home Care and staff are dedicated to helping with senior care in Sandy Utah and surrounding cities. As people begin to age sometimes their ability to function and perform certain activities from their daily living becomes more difficult.  They may have had no issues before and even grown accustomed to being able to perform normal routines themselves, but now this often has becomes more problematic for them. While this condition can often occur suddenly, due to health concerns, it may also happen gradually over time. Senior home care is regularly needed when certain conditions can over burden the individual and potentially their spouse (aka “caregiver”).  This is something to be mindful off because it can jeopardize the safety and well being for both individuals. If senior care services are put off or not provided at the levels and duration needed, the additional responsibilities on the caregiver generally leads to the degradation of their own wellbeing. Utilizing Resolute Home Care and their senior care services helps to prolong a loved one’s quality of life while mitigating many of the negative concerns.

Other reasons senior home care (or eldercare) is most often needed is when normal conditions of aging result with the individual needing daily assistance which they no longer can provide for themselves.  This additional help is so they can continue to have a relatively normal life.  With Resolute Home Care we can alleviate your time and often stress you may be experiencing with your loved one.   One of our goals is to assist the current caregiver so they (you) can continue to work and live a normal live.  Our team of caregivers can help with all the current responsibilities you may be needing for your loved one. We can help with any number of conditions your senior loved one is experiencing. Including: weight loss, general weakness, degraded personal hygiene, dementia, inability to safely operate a motor vehicle, difficulty with ambulation, decreased bone density, dissolution and an overall inability to safely perform daily activities of every day living.  As is often, the additional needs of a aging loved one become the responsibility of the spouse or some other family member (i.e. the Primary Caregiver).  As mentioned, this can quickly become overwhelming because of the amount of responsibilities that they have accepted or had put upon them.  It’s these types of scenarios which can rapidly develop and warrant the needed provisions and necessity for senior home care.  This is before the primary caregiver suffers a health-related event of their own based on the new level of stress.  It’s actually never too early to start looking at some of the available choices and determine which are the preferred and which can be feasible. There are several choices available, including: home health care, adult day care, even veteran care, for those that have served our country. In most cases many of the aging population would prefer to continue living in their home vs opt for living in a senior community or other facility.  As a result, these folks often have the best long-term prognosis when they continue to stay in their homes or place of residence.  As is often, a combination of these different choices becomes utilized in caring for individuals, as determined by their own preferences, their medical condition, time availability of family or other caregivers, financial capability and ultimately the availability of services in their geographic area. The preferred first choice is almost always senior home care (i.e. home health care) during the initial stages of the aging process.  Having this choice can promote dignity in aging, enhancing and prolonging a loved one's life, increasing their quality of life and the overall health of the individual.  Senior Care also allows for more frequent contact between the patient, spouse and immediate family from the comfort of their home or place of resident.  This benefit of everyone while minimizing abrupt change to the patient’s life and their family’s lives.  Having this preferred method can also be significantly prolonged via the use of skilled nursing (aka private duty nursing) if, and when, changes in the patient’s conditions warrant.

Companion Care


By having a person, someone with the experience and knowledge to assist your loved one,  come and spend time with your loved one will often be the change that needs to take place. We can help them over come some of the difficulties they are starting to face.  Resolute Home Care can be a needed friend and companion and help with daily routines activities.  We are based in Sandy Utah and our staff will travel to your home and support your loved one with any scheduled medications, visits, and encourage them to help live their lives to the fullest.  We can adapt to any home environment and will help enable your loved one to communicate any assisting they may need. 

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Jessica Lane

Resolute Home Care came through for my mom and helped me so I can continue to work while supporting my mom.

-Sandy Utah

Becky Andersen

My dad was needing more care than I could give.  I looked for a local home care agency and found Resolute Home Care to be within budget and what my dad needed.

-Midvale Utah

Nate Walker

My wife and I had debated about assisted living for her dad and found that what we really needed was a part time home care.  This helps us so we can both work and spend time with him after we get home.

-Cottonwood Utah