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Home Health Care Service in Holladay, Utah

Health care has gone beyond rushing to the hospital for some priority treatment. Home health care is a system that has become quite convenient for patients and their families, in the long run. There are many home health care services, but Holladay Utah has some of the best services from Resolute Home Care. Wondering what home health care services available in Holladay, Utah? Resolute Home Care offers special services for senior care.  Here they are in no particular order: in-home care, senior care, and veteran care.  

In-home care

In-home care often can occur after a patient is discharged from the hospital. Resolute Home Care let's family members know about certain stress that can occur to patients, such as Relocation Stress Syndrome.  It typically comes with being discharged from the hospital. Once a home care manager recognizes a patient who has potential for readmission, an in-home care program will be implemented for folks that reside in Holladay Utah. This is to ensure that the patient doesn’t get traumatized during the process of having to go to and from a hospital setting. A list of duties is given to the caretaker to ease the worries that the patient may be experiencing. The GoHomeWell Program is assigned after an in-home care manager identifies a readmission risk by using the Readmission Risk Tool. 

The in-home care also offers clients and patients extra services after being discharged. These include home cleaning and food prep. The patient would need some food to stock in the house after being away for days or weeks. Also, the house would need some cleaning so that it can be conducive for the patient. 

Senior Care

Senior care is the most popular service in the U.S. That’s because it’s based on patients who are of age. When people age, they begin to grow weaker in some areas of their lives. That’s why seniors in society need special care once they start to age. Also, the seniors who have critical health problems wouldn’t be able to do some things by themselves. They’ll need some assistance from a professional senior care service. The senior care service provides patients with health care workers that will closely monitor the seniors and ensure that they have all that they need. Seniors living in Holladay Utah and the surrounding areas can benefit from this home care service. 

Veteran Care

The veteran care service is for wartime veterans, their spouses, or surviving spouses. The Veteran Administration pays for the home care services given to veterans. Knowing how difficult it is to apply for such a service as this, Resolute Home Care partners with Veterans Care Coordination. They help to reduce the number of processes that you would have to go through. Also, receiving veteran care comes with no cost. For each month, veterans receive between 46 and 86 hours of home care each month. The first step to receiving veteran care is to contact Resolute Home Care for a free consultation.  Making use of these services allows the sick, elderly, and veterans have a more conducive recovery environment. The mental health of patients is important, and that’s why special care is needed for their recovery processes too. That way, they won’t have to be miserable or worry about their weak bodies.

Home Health Care Service in Holladay, Ut

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Jessica Lane

Resolute Home Care came through for my mom and helped me so I can continue to work while supporting my mom.

-Sandy Utah

Becky Andersen

My dad was needing more care than I could give.  I looked for a local home care agency and found Resolute Home Care to be within budget and what my dad needed.

-Midvale Utah

Nate Walker

My wife and I had debated about assisted living for her dad and found that what we really needed was a part time home care.  This helps us so we can both work and spend time with him after we get home.

-Cottonwood Utah