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Are you looking for a home health care service? If yes then you're definitely at the right place. Our goal in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, is to recognize when a client is a hospital readmission risk and to help reduce this risk, usually within 30 days. We ensure that home service is heavily provided to the patient.  What is readmission? It is a situation in which a client who has had a recent stay comes to the hospital again. Our clients may have been readmitted back to the same hospital or maybe to a different hospital and that's when we come in to help.

Home Health Care Services

A hospital admission can be quite stressful for older adults. At Cottonwood Heights Utah, we ensure our clients have all the resources that will keep them moving as they seek medical attention at home. You might as well be experiencing relocation stress syndrome, a condition that prevents you from moving from one point to another. For a senior person with medical challenges, it can be difficult for them to transition to different places. In simple terms, we can easily recognize this during admission. When the client is a potential readmission, then we smoothly implement the Go Home Well post medical care plan. It is because of this that home health care service is highly recommended.

Veteran home care

Are you a veteran spouse, wartime spouse, or a surviving spouse looking for in-home care service? If yes then veteran care services greatly suit you. Veteran's in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, is a city we are proud to reveal a strong relationship with.  Both local and the national veteran program expands our room in providing home care services. Although applying for veteran care services can be difficult, you need not worry because we partner with veteran care coordination who help you minimize stress, and get access to this great home care benefit. Do you live in Cottonwood Heights, Utah? Then, we strongly recommend you seek veteran home care services. With so much experience, we help veterans and surviving spouses with the in-home care program that is specifically meant for those serving the nation. It is also through this that you will appreciate the home health care service. Cottonwood Heights, Utah, has been able to provide home health care service, including in-home care service, to people in Cottonwood Heights Utah and all the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us for home health care service. Be aware that the veteran care services are paid for by the veteran's administration.

Senior homecare

As people get old, their abilities to perform certain activities from their daily life routine becomes more difficult. This when senior care services come hand in hand. This condition can happen to the old gradually over time and it becomes problematic to them. Imagine suffering as an older man or woman, yet you can't seek services. You don't need to suffer while you watch. Through senior care services, including in-home care services, you'll prolong loved ones’ quality of life while mitigating many of the negative concerns. With senior care services, you will be encouraged to continue living a happy and normal life. If you're older senior is suffering from the following disorders then you can guarantee yourself safety; weight loss problems, general weakness, degraded personal hygiene, dementia, inability to safely operate a vehicle, and decreased bone density, senior care service is the best for you.

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Jessica Lane

Resolute Home Care came through for my mom and helped me so I can continue to work while supporting my mom.

-Sandy Utah

Becky Andersen

My dad was needing more care than I could give.  I looked for a local home care agency and found Resolute Home Care to be within budget and what my dad needed.

-Midvale Utah

Nate Walker

My wife and I had debated about assisted living for her dad and found that what we really needed was a part time home care.  This helps us so we can both work and spend time with him after we get home.

-Cottonwood Utah