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Studies prove post-medical discharge to home health care services decrease client readmissions to the hospital.  At Resolute Home Care, in Sandy Utah, our goal is to address the drivers that contribute to those readmissions and put a plan in place to work with the client, their family and our healthcare partners to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. We have created the Go Home Well TM Post-Medical Care Program to assist with this important transitional need. 


Our Goal: Recognize when a client is a hospital readmission risk. Create and implement a program to decrease/prevent hospital readmissions within a 30-day data capture period.  Ensure home health care service is available and ready for the patient.


Define Readmission: A readmission is when a client who has had a recent hospital stay returns to the hospital  again. A client is considered a readmission to the hospital if they return within 30-days of a facility discharge.  Clients may have been readmitted back to the same hospital or to a different hospital or care facility (SNF). They  may have been readmitted for the same condition as their recent hospital stay or for a different reason. 


Why: 70% of Home Care recipients are aged 65+ (Medicare age). One in five Medicare patients return to the  hospital within 30-days of discharge. Rehospitalizations equate to nearly $15 billion in healthcare costs each  year. Medicare is tired of footing the bill. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) believes that a large  percentage of readmissions are avoidable. What can Resolute Home Care do to reduce this risk for the betterment of the  client while also conserving Medicare dollars?  Provide the best in home health care services.